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TL/Senior Content Writer

No. of Vacancies : 2

Experience : 3 - 7 Years

Job Description:

  • Has experience writing different pieces with different goals- engagement, promotion, etc.
  • Has a fair understanding of digital, web, and mobile-based technologies.
  • Has a flair for explaining complex concepts and procedures to technical audiences.
  • Understands what makes a content stick at each stage of the marketing funnel.
  • Has a liking for research in areas of Product Features, Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking, and Marketing Trends.
  • Understands B2B users and industry trends.
  • Is self - motivated and keeps a positive and professional approach towards management.
  • Possesses strong vocabulary and command over English grammar.
  • Is internet savvy and has the ability to do result oriented web research for content generation.
  • Is creative in planning and writing engaging content for web audience.
  • Possesses strong vocabulary and command over English grammar.
  • Has worked on content optimization and understands content marketing goals and can align writing with them.
  • Fair knowledge of eCommerce, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, mCommerce and SEO/Internet Marketing.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Researching industry-related topics and identifying gaps in content.
  • Develop fresh and sticky/engaging content for promoting the company website, social media promotion, blogs, and landing pages as per the content optimization guidelines and users’ interest.
  • Script/Narration writing for explainer videos and all sorts of advertisements.
  • Planning and developing content for various marketing campaigns as per their distinct goals.
  • Research and develop unique and engaging content on a wide range of topics related to eCommerce, UI/UX Design Fundamentals, SEO, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Latest News.
  • Actively participate in team discussions pertaining to content development/marketing tasks.
  • Developing Case studies, White Papers, Presentations, Videos, Emailers, etc. as per the guidelines and ad Copies for Google Adwords, Facebook and similar platforms as per the need, goals and set priorities.
  • Remain updated with company’s software/solutions to ensure content aligns with latest additions.
  • Proofread/edit content written by others (SEO team, fellow writers, other teams as per the need).
  • Handle commercial requirements as per the project goals (conversion, SEO, UX, marketing).
  • Contribute to content marketing team with ideas, initiatives, plans that can be utilized further.
  • Provide content for cross department needs pertaining to various promotional activities- social media, advertising, SEO, commercial projects, company profiles, etc.
  • Write user-focused content for various channels like Quora, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.
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Product Owner

No. of Vacancies : 2

Experience : 7 - 12 Years

Job Description:

  • As a Product Owner understand product vision and clearly map business needs to match product vision.
  • Collaborate with Sales Team/Stakeholders to understand the business objectives, so that the product vision is streamlined.
  • Understanding and Prioritizing needs to create a product roadmap.
  • Gather, manage and prioritize the product backlog.
  • Contribute towards planning, execution and review of each product increment stage.
  • Responsibilities for keeping your product ahead of the market by doing market research and competitive analysis.
  • Act as a bridge between Sales and Marketing need to understand the market demand and improve/ enhance/ develop new features/ modules accordingly
  • Have technical product knowledge or specific domain expertise.
  • Accountable for each product development process and sharing releases notes internally
  • Work with a cross-functional team in planning a product release.
  • Evaluate and inspect incremental product progress.
  • Act as a primary liaison, that is, must be available to the development team at all times to answer any questions team members have regarding the customer’s view of how they’re implementing a product feature.
  • Prioritizes defect or bug resolution.
  • Coordinate with the execution BA team members to aid project delivery and any enhancement discussion about the product.
  • Open to work as Sr. BA/ Team Lead Business Analyst - Execution
  • Align the technical team towards Product Vision and keep them motivated
  • Take responsibility for testing that is check and validate the correctness of product of all implemented features. While the implementation is in its final stage, often be engaged in User Acceptance Testing writing and performance.
  • Accurately employs SDLC & STLC methodology.
  • Responsible for bug triaging and efficient bug handling.
  • Deliver product demos to FATbit team, commercial project demos and in-house product demos to clients.
  • Ensure product compliance as per FATbit as well as Industry standards and client satisfaction.
  • Keep a check on the timely delivery of product releases
  • Support other Product Owners shadowing to his/ her mentees, and eventually preparing them to work independently on their own products.
  • Handle escalations of the BA team members.
  • Responsible for checking/ maintaining the quality and final delivery of the product

Job Responsibilities:

  • Lead Business Analyst needs to serve as an ongoing coach and advisor to the team.
  • Regularly meet BA team to provide guidance and effective feedback to aid improvement.
  • Research on new industry standards for product development, to keep the FATbit product development process upto the mark
  • Identify the improvements areas and share appropriate solution, knowledge in a training mode
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Business Analyst

No. of Vacancies : 2

Experience : 2 - 5 Years

Job Description:

  • Lead daily status meetings with project teams to understand the bigger picture of each deliverable and deliverables are on track to meet the timeline. Create and maintain comprehensive project status report
  • Ensure project realization in terms of scope, time, costs, and quality.
  • Manage project performance and risks against the agreed plan, including the process improvement and initiate 'timely, remedial' actions and escalations. Ensure the Project
  • Delivery is smooth through:
    • Keeping a watch on the projects progress and scope and reviewing the work delivered
    • Cross verifying the work done w.r.t to Project Original Scope on the weekly basis
    • Bridging the gap between Project Delivery Team and Client Requirements
    • Ensuring client is happy with the work delivered and is willing to work with FATbit/AblySoft again, and is willing to share some references as well.
  • Improve Internal Project coordination within the company by paying special attention to details of the task being created and assigned across team.
  • Developing/Strengthening Project Execution Activities within the company by offering suggestions and taking lead in the implementation. Come up with the possible solution for problems.
  • Keeping all the stakeholders updated on time, identifying and notifying risk well in advance+

Job Responsibilities:

  • Suggesting processes for filling any data or analysis gaps
  • Operate cross-functionally to guide implementation of strategic plans to success and to diagnose issues
  • Help improve business development strategy by refining or redefining concepts of presenting project plans/documentation & engaging target audience.
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Software Programmer (LAMP)

No. of Vacancies : 4

Experience : 1.5 years - 2.5 Years

Job Description:

  • Working with team to develop, test, and maintain standards of software quality by following coding/code commenting practices and standards set by their seniors/leaders.
  • Make sure to commits only what she/he can deliver.
  • Make sure to deal with technical mentor in case of Database design andplanning.
  • Analyze and resolve software errors accurately on time and keep update to theirseniors.
  • All the Suggestions/Guidelines/Instructions should be followed which is provided by their mentors.
  • Responsible for proper reporting and keep updates to projectmentor.
  • Make sure that work done (progress done) on current project is clear and can be evaluated any time.
  • Develop software programs and applications passing through all stages.
  • Keep himself/herself updated about the latest best practices related to their Job Responsibilities.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Should be self organized.
  • Acquire new skills and knowledge which are in sync with company future plans and or your upcoming project requirements.
  • Make sure that the Junior Programmer is posting his/her time in a descriptive and a timely manner.
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No. of Vacancies : 2

Experience : 2 - 4 years

Job Description:

Candidate Profile:
● Candidate should have worked on the same or similar profile in a web/mobile solutions development company.
● Candidate should have experience in writing Proposals/RFPs/RFIs and presentations, pre-sales business documents.
● Candidate should have excellent communication/presentation skills.
● Should be having experience of coordinating with different Teams leaders to prepare complete proposals and tracking the inputs.
● Strong team player and a positive attitude.
● Proven analytical skills and strategic thinking.
● Dependability – Meets schedules consistently including deadlines and project requirements.
● Keep updated about the latest updates in the web, eCommerce, and mobile commerce industry. 
● B. Tech, BCA, B. Sc (IT), M. Tech, MCA, or M. Sc (IT), MBA candidates will be preferred.
● Foreign Language will be considered as a plus point.

Salary, Location, Working Days:
● Depends upon the experience, knowledge, and communication skills (No bar for deserving candidates).
● Mohali, Punjab
● 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Saturday Holiday other than Sundays and Declared Holidays.

Job Responsibilities:


● Handle assigned leads
o Calls and Follow-ups with the clients
o Custom Requirements Understanding/Gathering
o Involve Seniors Team members, if required
● Deliver product demos within the team and to the prospects/clients
● Ensure superior customer satisfaction before and after project delivery
● Participate in the conversation between the post-sales department and client
● Documentation - BRD, HRD, WBS, Proposals, Estimation Sheet, etc as may be required
● Share feedback and suggestions:
o Give suggestions to improve products and share clients’ feedback with the product
development, marketing team, and other analysts.
o Process Gaps Identification - Any changes we can do in our process, to convert the leads better
● Quality of Work – Apply job knowledge effectively and thoroughly. Demonstrate reliability and accuracy in work performance.
● Meet the assigned targets (10X of the salary) 
● Reporting and Leads Management:
o Number of Leads Handled, Won, Lost with reasons for leads lost
o Maintain Leads status, notes, progress updates, etc in the CRM as per the CRM and Leads Management guidelines shared.
o Provide other reports as may be required for different analysis purposes.
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Associate: Test Lead

No. of Vacancies : 1

Experience : 4 to 6 Years

Job Description:

Candidate Profile:
● Candidate should have worked on the same or similar profile in a web/mobile solutions development company.
● Candidate should be an expert in Functional, Usability, Reliability.
● Knowledge of security testing is an advantage.
● Knowledge of Automation (Selenium) testing is an advantage.
● Assist in preparing Test Summary and Assessment Reports.
● Candidate should have excellent communication/presentation skills.
● Should be having experience coordinating with different teams leaders/ project stakeholders to prepare test plans, test cases, and other supporting documents.
● Self-motivated with a positive and professional approach to management.
● SDLC and Agile methodology knowledge.
● Knowledge about Bug tracking tools.
● Clearly communicates testing and project status.
● Strong team player and a positive attitude
● Must know different types of testing, approaches, and tools.
● Keep updated about the latest updates on the web and mobile testing techniques.
● B. Tech, BCA, B. Sc (IT), M. Tech, MCA or M. Sc (IT).
● Foreign Language will be considered as a plus point.
● Excellent technical abilities, strong communication skills, and effective project management abilities.
Salary, Location, Working Days:
● No bar for deserving candidates
● Mohali, Punjab
● 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Saturday Holiday other than Sundays and Declared Holidays.


Job Responsibilities:

Primary KRA’s:
 Determining, negotiating, and agreeing on in-house quality procedures, standards, and specifications.
 Assessing customer requirements and ensuring that these are met Setting customer service standards.
 Direct the development of the QA strategy, methodology, discipline, and framework.
 Carrying out and monitoring testing and inspection of products/projects to ensure the finished product meets quality standards.
 Perform functional testing to test the functional aspects of the developed software.
 Perform all internal and external audits on behalf of the QC team to ensure proper processes are followed.
 Review the work of senior test engineers and regularly meet with the QC team to provide guidance and effective feedback to aid improvement at the day-to-day level.
 Responsible for checking/ monitoring of Test Plans/ Test Strategy, Test Estimates, Test Deadlines & reviewing the team member reporting and working efficiency, sharing continuous feedback.
 Monitoring of all the QA activities, test results, leaked defects, root cause analysis, and identifying areas of improvement. Implement steps required to improve the processes.
 Evaluate the overall occupancy of the QC team and based upon the findings calibrate the team size i.e. raise requests for hiring, Adding resources, Moving resources, etc.
 Be an escalation point for all matters related to testing and quality assurance and operate as a primary point of contact for the QA team.
 Control all achieved documentation upon the completion of the project.
 Fill out feedback forms for team members and share regular feedback.
 Works with loyalty.
Secondary KRA’s
 Design, develop and execute automation scripts using open source tools.
 Driving and improving the QA team in areas of automated testing and agile testing.
 Work with cross-functional teams to ensure quality throughout the software development
 Ensure SDLC and STLC are followed.
 Test the system for Security and performance loopholes.
 Take important decisions in absence of the test manager.
 Create a good team of testers.
 Understanding of different company products.
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I started my journey in 2002, with a thought of improving value delivered to web based businesses back then. Reckoning AblySoft’s history today fills us with proud seeing that we delivered at all events. Many things have changed since then, particularly in last one decade but we still stick to VALUE. It’s more exciting than ever to deliver on promises today.

Manish BhallaFounder | Head of Marketing

When I look back, it’s the energy and a collective urge to grow together that has brought us this far. As a part of sales team, it’s not just the sales figures that I care about but also try my best to keep that energy alive. Even after years of my involvement, it feels like yesterday I joined AblySoft; the feeling is so gratifying.

Rajiv Sharma Chief Sales Officer

The tech industry has come a long way since I joined AblySoft. Our motto is still the same, make it better than what is outwardly the best for rest of the world. It feels great to be a part of a team that gives off talent, trust, and motivates to experiment, innovate and grow.

Harish KumarTechnical Manager

Perks of being an AblySoft-ian

Work-Life Balance

Flexible office hours, no grumbling over leaves, and yearly vacations – we ensure you stay happy & healthy so the Monday mornings are never gruesome

Meet Amazing People

Join a team that prides to have diverse personalities - nerds, philosophers, artists, and party animals – broaden your personal & professional network with awesome people

Learn with Fun

Work with the coolest team leaders, have weekly brainstorm sessions, and play indoor games – work & learn in an alive & vibrant workplace environment

Team Outings

Not just the WEB, we have a thing for exploring the real world too. We do team outings every six months – occasionally in the lap of nature, at times fun parks, to historical sites from time to time – you name it

We like to Party

All we need is a moment to celebrate - birthday treats, employees’ life events, project completion celebration & yeah, be prepared for surprise parties every once in a while (you just chill, booze is on us)

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  • Jaipur Trip of AblySoft Team
  • Party Lover IT Company in Mohali