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I started my journey in 2002, with a thought of improving value delivered to web based businesses back then. Reckoning AblySoft’s history today fills us with proud seeing that we delivered at all events. Many things have changed since then, particularly in last one decade but we still stick to VALUE. It’s more exciting than ever to deliver on promises today.

Manish BhallaFounder | Head of Marketing

When I look back, it’s the energy and a collective urge to grow together that has brought us this far. As a part of sales team, it’s not just the sales figures that I care about but also try my best to keep that energy alive. Even after years of my involvement, it feels like yesterday I joined AblySoft; the feeling is so gratifying.

Rajiv Sharma Chief Sales Officer

The tech industry has come a long way since I joined AblySoft. Our motto is still the same, make it better than what is outwardly the best for rest of the world. It feels great to be a part of a team that gives off talent, trust, and motivates to experiment, innovate and grow.

Harish KumarTechnical Manager

Current Openings

PHP Web Developers

No. of vacancies :- 6

Desired profile:

With minimum 2 years’ experience in PHP with strong hand in Core PHP, MVC frameworks, Cake PHP, Codeigniter with solid technical background with understanding and/or hands-on experience in software development and web technologies.

Job Responsibilities:

  • - Strong knowledge of Core PHP, Cake php or Codeigntor.
  • - Good PHP web developer.
  • - Experience in Web applications development using PHP
  • - Understanding the fully synchronous behavior of PHP
  • - Familiar with multiple PHP frameworks like codeigniter, cakephp, etc.
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Creative Content and Copy Writer

No. of vacancies :- 2

Desired profile:

  • - Should be creative in planning and writing Engaging Content for web audience.
  • - Should have experience of writing for eCommerce, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, mCommerce and SEO/Internet Marketing.
  • - Strong vocabulary and command over English grammar.
  • - Internet savvy and ability to use web research for content generation.
  • - Self-motivated.
  • - Creative Candidates from Advertising Industry will be highly preferred.

Job Responsibilities:

  • - Develop fresh and sticky/engaging content for promoting the company website, social media promotion and blogs.
  • - Creative Scripts writing for Explainer Videos and Video Advertisements
  • - Planning, Suggesting and Creating content for Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing.
  • - Research and develop unique and engaging content on a wide range of topics related to eCommerce, UI/UX Design Fundamentals, SEO, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Latest News related to the topics mentioned here.
  • - Communicate between various team members for task inputs and suggestions to ensure timely completion of assignments.
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Business Process Analyst

No. of vacancies :- 2

Desired profile:

  • - Interpersonal and Analytical Skills
  • - Knowledge of SDLC and SQLC Processes
  • - Critical & Strong Analytical Thinking
  • - Problem Solving Ability and attitude
  • - Plan Implementation & Presentation Skills
  • - Leadership, Time Management
  • - Good Oral and Written Communication Skills
  • - Reasonably good understanding of Finance and Costing

Job Responsibilities:

    • - You will work with Different Departments and the IT Department to find the best way to implement processes, design new processes and solve process-related problems.
    • - Prepare Business Process Plans/Visual Diagrams using Flow Charts/BPMN/UML/DFD/Gantt Charts
    • - Routinely go through the daily reports and make sure the tasks progress as per plan and deadlines. Find out loopholes and handle them maturely.
    • - Resources Management: Keep a check on the Time Sheet and Scheduled Tasks for all team members. Assist the Team Leaders/Business Analysts in scheduling of tasks as per the availability of the team members.
    • - Keep a watch on Project Delivery Milestones/Timelines and Billing as per the payment terms; coordinate with the concerned department person for taking appropriate action.
    • - Measure effectiveness and efficiency of operational processes both internally and externally and find ways to improve the work process.
    • - Mentor employees with regard to management and implementation of prescribed work culture and company guidelines.
    • - Find out areas that need to be improved with regard to enhancements of work culture and process.
    • - Motivate staff to meet organizational goals like working as per the company structure, meeting deadlines, following reporting rules, etc.
    • - Be analytical and discuss employees’ work issues that evidently become the reason of delayed tasks.
    • - Oversee daily operations and suggest/propose adjustments as necessary
    • - Evaluate effectiveness of newly implemented plans
    • - Promote communication between colleagues for the benefit of information flow and to curb any problems that arise
    • - Oversee operations of the company and the work of executives (IT, Marketing, Sales, Finance etc.)
    • - Coordinate with human resources department and team leaders to sort matters related to implementation of work plans and manage teams as a mentor who ensures maximum productivity.
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Business Consultant (pre sales) / Sr. BDM

No. of vacancies :- 2

Desired profile:

  • - Experience - 4 years to 10 years
  • - Candidate should have worked on same or similar profile in a web/mobile solutions development company.
  • - Candidate should be expert in writing Proposals/RFPs/RFIs and presentations, pre-sales business documents.
  • - Candidate should have excellent communication/presentation skills.
  • - Should be having experience of coordinating with different Teams leaders to prepare complete proposals and tracking the inputs.
  • - Candidate should have strong understanding of Buyer Psychology
  • - Strong team player and a positive attitude.
  • - Proven analytical skills and strategic thinking.
  • - Keep updated about the latest updates in the web, ecommerce and mobile commerce industry.

Job Responsibilities:

  • - Responsible for Reviewing/Maintaining/Improving high quality Business Communication in the company (mostly related to Sales, BA team, and others involved in marketing and client communication) and handling the client concerns positively and professionally.
  • - Taking approval from client on the Requirements Specification Document and after approval from client handing over the project to Project Delivery Team.
  • - Ensure the Project Requirements are handed over to Project Delivery Team with clear understanding. Following documents from your side will be required for smooth Knowledge Transfer:
    • - Ensure the Project Delivery is smooth through
    • - Bridging the gap between Project Delivery Team and Client
    • - Conflicts Management if there are any issues/concerns reported by any client or project team member
    • - Keeping a watch on the projects progress and timelines committed
    • - Cross verifying the work done with the Project Scope
    • - Ensuring client is happy with the work delivered and is willing to work with FATbit/AblySoft again, and is willing to share some references as well.
  • - Training other team members by scheduling and conducting knowledge sharing sessions.
  • - Offering routine feedbacks to teams regarding their performance for marketing/sales/client-handling.
  • - Developing/Strengthening communication structure for the company by offering suggestions for improvement routinely.
  • - Improve Internal Communication within the company:
    • - Improve internal communication to ensure that language doesn't become a hurdle in implementing a marketing plan.
    • - Pay special attention to details of communication (of all sorts) taking place internally as well as between company and clients/individuals/businesses.
  • - Share ideas, form strategy to convert prospects into clients.
  • - Coordinating with management for taking branding/media initiatives to meet company goals.
  • - Help improve business development strategy by refining or redefining concepts of presenting plans/ideas & engaging target audience.
  • - Create opportunities for organization's growth. Define communication design for teams to help them find new customers and persuade existing ones to buy extra services.
  • - Work closely with creative team on internal branding and various campaigns. Conceive ideas cohering our marketing approach as well as company values thereby helping branding of our organization.
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Perks of being an AblySoft-ian

Work-Life Balance

Flexible office hours, no grumbling over leaves, and yearly vacations – we ensure you stay happy & healthy so the Monday mornings are never gruesome

Meet Amazing People

Join a team that prides to have diverse personalities - nerds, philosophers, artists, and party animals – broaden your personal & professional network with awesome people

Learn with Fun

Work with the coolest team leaders, have weekly brainstorm sessions, and play indoor games – work & learn in an alive & vibrant workplace environment

Team Outings

Not just the WEB, we have a thing for exploring the real world too. We do team outings every six months – occasionally in the lap of nature, at times fun parks, to historical sites from time to time – you name it

We like to Party

All we need is a moment to celebrate - birthday treats, employees’ life events, project completion celebration & yeah, be prepared for surprise parties every once in a while (you just chill, booze is on us)